[scamper-announce] scamper-cvs-20230614

Matthew Luckie mjl at luckie.org.nz
Wed Jun 14 17:02:39 PDT 2023


SHA256 (scamper-cvs-20230614.tar.gz) = 26f11ea025a4fdb0d07ef76c5c3b850f9a0a93c1e1aa88d352d600a907259276
SIZE (scamper-cvs-20230614.tar.gz) = 2186949

* fix regression in multicall binary introduced in 20230605, so that
  scamper-ping, scamper-trace, etc, work again.
* for scamper -v (have scamper report its version), return 0 on
  exit from scamper process, rather than -1 (255).

* in sc_prefixprober, shuffle IPv6 addresses within a prefix, unless
  told not to.
* have sc_wartsdump print firsthop for trace records.
* build libcmdtest.a in tests to reduce duplication in Makefile.
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