[scamper-announce] scamper-cvs-20211212b

Matthew Luckie mjl at luckie.org.nz
Thu Aug 18 02:56:36 PDT 2022

SHA256 (scamper-cvs-20211212b.tar.gz) = fee949ff7e0312ba672944fe2084aed75a8979b778c33adba26ffc522a1346d8
SIZE (scamper-cvs-20211212b.tar.gz) = 2103576

Changes from 20211212:

* add an option (-O cafile=/path/to/file) to load CA certificates
  from a specific file when starting scamper for validating a
  remote controller's certificate (this was released in 20211212a)
* add options
  -O client-certfile=/path/to/certfile and
  -O client-privfile=/path/to/privfile
  to have scamper present a client certificate during a TLS handshake
  with a remote controller
* fix bugs that prevent scamper from reconnecting to a remote
* fix -d debugfile when scamper is built with privilege separation
* fix bug when writing neighbordisc measurements to warts file that
  prevents a neighbordisc measurement from being read
* fix bug when reading some tracelb measurements with unresponsive hops
  from a warts file
* allow user to specify fractions of a second to ping timeout (-W)
* use a random source port / ICMP ID in ping if -F 0

* add -C option to specify a CA PEM file to verify client certificates
  presented by scamper instances.
* add -O skipnameverification option to tell sc_remoted to verify
  scamper presents a certificate signed by the CA, but do not do
  name verification
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