[scamper-announce] scamper-cvs-20211026

Matthew Luckie mjl at luckie.org.nz
Tue Oct 26 14:34:39 PDT 2021


SHA256 (scamper-cvs-20211026.tar.gz) = be75919a59d73227598260668b7ed75f6a710507310ca9827789b18cd7dda684
SIZE (scamper-cvs-20211026.tar.gz) = 1932048

* in trace, allow probes to multiple consecutive hops to be
  outstanding in the network without having to stop and wait,
  using the -N parameter documented in scamper's man page.
* in trace, do optional PTR lookups using the option documented
  in scamper's man page.  output these hostnames into warts and
  json outputs.
* bump libscamperfile version for the above changes.
* document that scamper's control socket can be told to return
  JSON through an option now documented in scamper's man page.
* improvements to reading warts files via fuzzing.
* other man page tidy ups.

* add the ability to adjust the probe list at run time through a
  unix domain socket, documented in the sc_erosprober man page.

* add the ability to learn regular expressions that extract
  geographic hints from router hostnames, documented in the
  sc_hoiho man page
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