[scamper-announce] scamper-cvs-20190916

Matthew Luckie mjl at luckie.org.nz
Sun Sep 15 22:57:31 PDT 2019


SHA256 (scamper-cvs-20190916.tar.gz) = e70ae651ec5af0bae50908c9e74d2c0f45f906b61289be917cbe1898cfef5d21
SIZE (scamper-cvs-20190916.tar.gz) = 1828616

* add a host implementation for looking up DNS records.  it uses
  the first nameserver it finds in /etc/resolv.conf by default.
* add an -O ptr option to tracelb.
* bugfix json output for tracelb.
* integrate patricia trie implementation into scamper hotspot
* use HAVE_SYSCTL macro to solve a compile issue on android
* include <linux/sockios.h> to get SIOCGSTAMP in Linux kernel > 5.2
* add -A option to ping code to set the ack number to use in tcp
  probes (or sequence number in SYN packets).  do not randomly
  generate sequence and ack values for each TCP ping.
* rework options handling to allow for long long values.
* set the window size in TCP probes to 65535, instead of advertising a
  zero receive window.
* update configure scripts around the use of --with-privsep-dir-owner

* when outputting alias sets, conduct a canonical sort to allow for
  easy diffs
* update man page because sc_ally can take more than two addresses per

* new driver to periodically probe addresses and rotate output files.

* new utility for holistic orthography of Internet hostname
  observations.  this utility is only built if --with-sc_hoiho is
  passed to configure.  sc_hoiho requires pcre or pcre2, which can be
  controlled by passing --with-pcre or --with-pcre2 to configure.

* add a last_tx column to state_dsts to allow for simple monitoring of
  when each destination address was last probed.

various drivers:
* handle scamper disconnections gracefully in sc_ally,
  sc_filterpolicy, sc_prefixscan, sc_radargun, sc_speedtrap,
  sc_tbitblind, sc_tbitpmtud, and sc_uptime
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