[scamper-announce] scamper-cvs-20191102

Matthew Luckie mjl at luckie.org.nz
Fri Nov 1 21:02:40 PDT 2019


SHA256 (scamper-cvs-20191102.tar.gz) = a5f1856546a30d8362377a1489de8c566c31c3b93744909cf6bea5b7cbd92645
SIZE (scamper-cvs-20191102.tar.gz) = 1837731

* escape hostname in json output for tracelb
* use length parameters when parsing hostname responses, from
  Marianne Fletcher

* add a -O noalias option to tell bdrmap to not do alias resolution.
* update -C documentation in the sc_bdrmap.1 man page
* fix a memory leak of trace objects in -d traces
* print RTT in -d traces
* add an -M option to help corner cases with private and IXP addresses
* relax heuristics to allow VPs to claim routers with IP2AS when no
  other router assignments can take place
* turn off analytical interface alias resolution heuristics by default

* change -O verbose to -O debug to better reflect what it does.
* change tpa to atp to be consistent with language in paper
* free a malloc, pointed out by clang static analysis
* add support for reading -d 3 output, which is the format of
  regular expressions provided in the data supplement:

* add a metadata table to be able to track metadata across sc_uptime
  invocations, from Marianne Fletcher
* fix an error message when trying to create a database that
  already exists.
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