[scamper-announce] scamper-cvs-20161204 and scamper-cvs-20141211g

Matthew Luckie mjl at luckie.org.nz
Sat Dec 3 23:26:06 PST 2016

Two releases: 20141211g from the well-tested 20141211 branch, and
20161204 which has more features.  Only the features marked below as
backported to 20141211g are in that release.  Everything else is new
to 20161204.  This is likely the last release from the 20141211

SHA256 (scamper-cvs-20161204.tar.gz) = 0c9d8a593765a6d1074690de987c6ffd5753406c9d1e527e20c0289bde0db764
SIZE (scamper-cvs-20161204.tar.gz) = 1613721

SHA256 (scamper-cvs-20141211g.tar.gz) = 257918190dae7b750e5eef8b2db134d58873b3dac9d1f09793703f3d24465d45
SIZE (scamper-cvs-20141211g.tar.gz) = 1471847

 * add remote control socket support to scamper.  scamper can be
   configured to connect to a remote controller at run time to
   allow remote systems to control a scamper instance.  the
   remote controller is handled by the sc_remoted utility, and
   is documented in the sc_remoted manual page (see below).
 * fixes to libscamperfile caught with fuzz testing.  corrupt
   warts data files provided by Greg Ward of Dyn.
 * add a PATRICIA trie implementation based off Sedgewick's
   Algorithms in C++ book.  this improves the performance
   of scamper compared to holding addresses in splaytrees.
 * improve speed of warts(5) code.
 * improve speed of scamper_writebuf by allocating pagesize blocks
   at a time.
 * begin to document ping warts records in warts(5).
 * fix debug printf implementation so that all features will
   be built in as long as --without-debugfile is not used.
   backported to 20141211g.
 * silence compiler warnings from Microsoft Visual Studio.
   backported to 20141211g.

 * add a utility, sc_prefixscan, that provides a convenient
   interface to scamper's prefixscan alias resolution method.

 * add a utility, sc_radargun, that provides a convenient
   interface to scamper's radargun implementation.

 * add a utility, sc_remoted, that provides an interface to a
   collection of remote scamper instances.

 * use writebufs so sc_ally is event driven and will not block.
 * add code to probe candidate sets in pairs, with transitive
   closure to save probes.
 * allow inter-probe gaps of less than 1 second.

 * add support for remote control sockets.
 * add an option to randomise the order tasks are run.

 * stricter default test for inferring if two IP addresses may
   share a single shared counter.
   backported to 20141211g.
 * code cleanup.

 * add support for printing ICMP extensions included in traceroute
   responses, prompted by Quirin Scheitle
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