[scamper-announce] scamper-cvs-20141101

Matthew Luckie mjl at caida.org
Sat Nov 1 11:59:45 PDT 2014


Since yesterday:

 * fix passing file descriptors through sockets on NetBSD, so that
   scamper can actually work with privsep on NetBSD.

 * use arc4random on all platforms where available.  silences build on

 * increase size of flags array for warts_dealias_data_t so that all
   of the prefixscan flags can fit.  pointed out by OpenBSD gcc.

 * silence build on NetBSD by casting parameter to isspace from char
   to int.

 * silence a couple spurious clang scan-build warnings with assert

SHA256 (scamper-cvs-20141101.tar.gz) = aae527dbbc827b735196e0bee47518daad4583cd1feda367442ad43252fd7278
SIZE (scamper-cvs-20141101.tar.gz) = 1224353
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