[scamper-announce] scamper-cvs-20140530

Matthew Luckie mjl at caida.org
Fri May 30 17:35:06 PDT 2014


* FreeBSD 10 onwards no longer byte swaps some fields in the quotation of
  a received ICMP error message.  chase this in scamper.
* Minor modifications to make scamper compile on Windows 7 using
  Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop.
* print ping flags in sc_wartsdump and scamper's json output.

SHA256 (scamper-cvs-20140530.tar.gz) = b098aa7306af7499bdbd7c74abfd5a7d99015c831264829f2a427ea5854c84a6
SIZE (scamper-cvs-20140530.tar.gz) = 1213972
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