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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
aims2012-wkshp Participants of AIMS 2012
aims2013-wkshp Participants of AIMS 2013
aims2014-wkshp Participants of AIMS 2014
aims2015-wkshp Participants of AIMS 2015
aims2016-wkshp Participants of AIMS 2016
aims2017-wkshp Participants of AIMS 2017
aims2018-wkshp Participants of AIMS 2018
ark-bugs Archipelago bugs list
ark-dev Archipelago development
ark-info Archipelago info list
ark-wg Archipelago workgroup
artemis-pilot-gpn Artemis pilot gpn
artemis-pilot-i2 Artemis pilot i2
artemis-pilot-merit Artemis pilot merit
as-rank-info [no description available]
asrank-announce announcement list for asrank project
Backscatter-server-announce [no description available]
Beluga [no description available]
bgp-hackathon-participants Discussion group for participants of CAIDA's BGP Hackathon event
bgp-hackathon-wg Discussion group for CAIDA's BGP Hackathon event
caidawide-wg CAIDA participants of CAIDA-WIDE workshops
collection-ops list for requesting data collection (caida internal)
congestion-wg Working group to discuss congestion
Coral-dev [no description available]
dances Interest list for DANCES
data-announce Announcements on CAIDA datasets
data-info Questions about CAIDA data
ditl-info [no description available]
ditl-ops day in the life remote contacts
ditl-wg day in the life working group
dns-oarc-wg internal discussions of dns research under the oarc project
dns-rtt-data-access Access requests for the DNS root/gTLD RTT Dataset
dust2012-wkshp Participants of DUST 2012
endace-support [no description available]
Graph-dev Chart::Graph dev
iic-discuss Internet Id Consumption public dicussion
iic-wg Internet Id Consumption - Working Group
iic-wiki-access request iic wiki access
imaps Internet Measurement And Political Science (IMAPS) community
impact [no description available]
ipv6-wg Discussion group for CAIDA's ipv6-related projects
istep-seminar ISTEP Seminar
kino film recommendations and discussions
lens-discuss laboratory for empirical network science (LENS)
libsea-dev LibSea graph format and library development discussions.
measurement-wg measurement discussion
ndn-nets-wg Discussion group for CAIDA's NDN proposals and funding opportunities
ndn2015-retreat Participants of the 2015 NDN Retreat
ndn2016-hackathon Participants of the 2016 NDN Hackathon
ndn2016-retreat Participants of the 2016 NDN Hackathon and Retreat
ndncomm2014-wkshp Participants of the NDNcomm Meeting 2014
ndncomm2015-wkshp Participants of the NDN Comm 2015 meeting
oc48-server-announce Announcements for oc48 data web server
p4sec-wg P4SEC working group
panda-dev PANDA dev group
panda-dibbs Discussion group for PANDA
Politics [no description available]
predict-data-access [no description available]
rr-fs IRTF RRG FDR Scalability Research Subgroup (RR-FS)
scamper-announce announcement list for scamper project
Scamper-dev scamper development
Scamper-ops Scamper operators
schedule CAIDA schedule mailing list
sie-users Mailing list to communicate with and between SIE users
spoofer-users Discussion group for Spoofer users
staff CAIDA staff mailing list
status-mtg Status meeting list
strategy CAIDA strategy mailing list
Sysadm-test [no description available]
sysadmin-discuss [no description available]
telescope-access List to send to request telescope access
telescope-support External telescope users can send problems to this list
telescope-users Mailing list to communicate with and between telescope users
test-ticket [no description available]
Topology-data-announce Announcements on Topology (skitter) data
topores-wg Cybersecurity working group
traffic-discuss Mailing List to discuss traffic analysis research, methods, and tools, for telescope and other monitors
viz-discuss Discussion group for viz issues
Walrus-dev [no description available]
wcs-pub-announce notification of WCS publication request completion
Weekly [no description available]
weekly-private private list for weekly reports
wide-wkshp wide workshop
wie2013-wkshp Participants of WIE 2013
wie2014-wkshp Participants of WIE 2014
wie2015-wkshp Participants of WIE 2015
wie2016-wkshp Participants of WIE 2016
wie2017-wkshp Participants of WIE 2017
wisp04 wisp 2004 list
wit06-wkshp Participants of WIT 2006
witty-data-access [no description available]
witty-data-announce [no description available]
witty-data-info [no description available]

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